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SLS1101, College Success: Quiz

Instructor: Lynette Connelly

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NOTE: You must answer all questions before submitting this exam.

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Open a new browser window or a tab in this browser and use it to find the answers to the following questions, returning to this browser window or tab to input your answer and go on to the next question.

  1. If you have problems getting into the LRC databases, how do you get assistance?

  1. Which one of the following is the way to get help via chat, text, or email from a librarian?

  1. On the LRC home page under "I Need to Find . . ." there are "Recommended Web" sites. Which of the following are listed under the "Reference" category?

  1. When using "I Need to Find . . ." > "Journal and Magazine Articles (Databases)", I am asked to enter what information to log in?

  1. The reference librarian can assist you by:

  1. The college owns a book entitled College Success Strategies written by Sherrie L. Nist and Jodi Patrick Holschuh. What is the call number assigned to this book?

  1. The Research Handout, "Identifying a Scholarly Journal" is located in "In Help and How To...". Locate it and read item number 7 then complete this sentence: "Articles in journals often begin with brief summaries or _____________ of the contents."

  1. The information icon (the "i" within a blue circle) is found beside the titles of databases in "I Need to Find..." > "Journal & Magazine Articles (Databases)". This icon links to:

  1. When searching the LRC electronic catalog at "I Need to Find . . ." > "Books, Videos or eBooks", it is possible to search for all items (books, ebooks, audio-visual material, and articles) at once or to specify what materials to search by using the:

  1. By clicking on "Borrow an item from another library (ILL)" you may